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O.M.O. was established in 1972
and is today in a position of primary importance in the production

The experience acquired in all these years made this Company
become well consolidated on the national market,
as well as one of the most popular exporter in the jewellery field.

“QUALITY AND SERVICE” these are the constant aims for O.M.O.,
whose products differ for their precision and the high quality materials used.

For a long-time O.M.O. has been working to give the clients a reply about
their needs and more than they expect in the shortest time, thanks to its
qualified organisation made by sophisticated machinery and specialised technicians.

O.M.O. production range includes anything and everything for jewellers, such as:

steel drawplates and bezel blocks in every shape and size,
ring mandrels in many shapes and sizes, ring sizes, ring sticks, horn anvils,
bench blocks, forming blocks, disk cutters, engraving blocks,
wedding ringstretchers, stone ringstretchers, banglestretchers,
bending machines, planishing hammers, calanders, rolling mills, soldering plates,
tube cutters, dapping dies and punches, bangle mandrels,
busts for necklaces, ingot moulds.

New Catalogue

New Catalogue - New Omo srl Web Site

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New Omo srl Web Site

New Omo srl Web Site